Top 5 remote jobs for freelancers over 50

Mar 12, 2018

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There are dozens of jobs on the internet available to freelancers over 50. Here's a look at a few and what they entail.

Customer Service Agent

Companies that operate online hire people to manage their customer service requests. Their full-time employees cannot handle customer requests alone. If you are used to shopping online, the “Chat now” button that pops up on the side of the screen is a perfect example. It is likely that the person attending to you when you seek help was hired by the company to work remotely.

Anyone can handle customer service jobs with light training. You can develop yourself by taking a few courses on customer service online. However, individuals above 50 years of age with some background in marketing, customer service, retail, and communications would fit in perfectly.

Freelance writing

There are diverse opportunities and angles you can work as a freelance writer. You can become a copywriter, ghostwriter, or content manager. Freelancers with a sound academic background or knowledge in their field of study can become an academic writer.

Freelance writing does not require any technical skill. You only need to know how to conduct in-depth research on a given topic and work according to instructions. Besides being a good researcher, you need to have a passion for writing and the time to develop your craft.

There are many sites that showcase your skills so that potential employers looking for part-time or remote freelancers can hire you.

Examples of freelance writing sites:

Email Marketer

Email marketing is one of the top jobs for individuals 50 and over. Marketers design emails for advertising campaigns, manage lists of subscribers, and come up with creative ways to increase the company’s client base.

Individuals with sound communication skills or a background in public relations or marketing will fit in perfectly because of the scope of the job. You can also take short courses or read related materials to gain more knowledge. Web or graphic design skills will make a whole lot of difference.


Transcribing is another great opportunity for people 50+. You can also work remotely for companies or on a freelance basis transcribing video or audio files as readable texts. You will listen to the video or audio recording and write in English or any other required language. You only need good internet connectivity and listening ability to work.


Translators are different from transcribers. You need to be proficient in one or multiple languages in addition to English. Translating companies hire freelancers to translate stories, news, books, articles, and other materials from one language to another.

These are five remote jobs available to freelancers who are 50 and older. Most of them don’t require special skills and are less physically demanding. However, self-development will help you to stand out among other candidates looking for the same position. You can choose one or decide to take on multiple jobs based on your capacity.

Scarlett Gibson is a content manager at MyEssayGeek also involved in copywriting and ghostwriting. She is fond of linguistics and learning new languages.