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Get accountable (so you don’t feel like a slacker)

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"I’m going to get 3 new clients this month."

This is a great goal to announce, but if nobody hears it—will it actually happen?

Probably not. Because if it’s only inside your own head, it can disappear at any time. But once you tell somebody else, it’s REAL. And then you’ll actually have to do it—or else admit to being a slacker. And nobody wants to be a slacker!

This is the magic of accountability—and it’s paid off immensely for me over the past five years.

When I decided to woman-up

One day, I decided to get my butt accountable. And do you know when that day was? It was at my first HOW Conference in Chicago, where Luke Mysse was talking about having an advisory board for your business—even your solo business! This “advisory board” was supposed to be made up of impartial folks (not your mom, spouse or friend) so they could be objective and keep you moving forward.

I was sick of making goals and plans and to-dos and not getting them done.

I was sick of being confused about how I would reach my goals.

And when Luke stressed that even a one-person business should have an advisory board—it really hit me. I was running an actual business, and I had nobody who knew what I was doing. Nobody to help me move forward. Just my own goals inside my own head. So in 2012 after HOW, I decided that step one in treating my business seriously was to get accountable—so I signed up for one-on-one coaching with Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun.

How coaching paid off for me

Was it all puppies and rainbows? No. It was slow-going and difficult at times, but looking back at where I was five years ago, I can say with 100% certainty—it was worth it. Today I have CLARITY about my business. I know my ideal client. I know what to charge. I know where and how I want to grow. I have focus and momentum. I’ve met bigger financial goals. And it feels so much better than slackerdom.

Think it might be time to work with a coach?

I suggest you hire a coach if:

  • Your constant declarations to “get this done” aren’t getting you anywhere.
  • You’re in the process of re-thinking or up-leveling your business: finding new clients, refining your market, going after bigger projects.
  • You need some help with your direction. A coach can help you map out the route in the most efficient steps…and sometimes, this route can be hard to define for yourself.
  • You want to get there faster. If you want to skip the part where you struggle and figure it out yourself for a while, the right coach will help you get there quicker and stronger.
  • The idea keeps nagging at you. If you keep thinking, “I could be doing so much better if I had someone to keep me on track,” it might be time for the outside influence of a coach.
  • You’re tired of feeling like a slacker! It’s embarrassing to tell someone you didn’t get your work done. This is a gigantic motivator.

Before you jump, know this…

  • It’s an investment. Look at coaching as an investment into your business. Yes, you will make up the money in projects you wouldn’t have gotten—but it’s also an investment in yourself which you can’t put a put a monetary ROI on.
  • It’s not a magic pill. You don’t work for a month and bam, your business is better. It was very slow for me. But small steps make big results.
  • It will push the limits of your comfort zone. A coach will encourage you to do things that make you feel scared. And this mean saying goodbye to what feels safe. It can be emotional—but it’s better than staying the same.

Finding the right fit

If you’re ready to be coached, take your time and find the right coach for you. Most coaches will offer a free conversation so you can see if you mesh. It’s important to find someone who understands your business, who has experience helping people like you succeed—and someone who you can openly and comfortably communicate with.

For me, the choice was easy. Ilise had been on my radar because she specialized in working with people just like me. When we talked, I knew her style would fit mine—and I felt confident moving forward.

Best of luck!

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