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Buying health insurance doesn’t have to suck

When freelancers join together, extraordinary things are possible -- even shopping for health insurance becomes a bit less painful.

Open Enrollment for 2018 health coverage starts this week, despite the confusion surrounding health insurance in America, and freelancers need to make their insurance selections before December 15th to ensure continuous coverage.


For over twenty years, Freelancers Union has helped independent workers access the best possible benefits. This year our experts have again selected their top health and dental plans for freelancers. Our website provides step-by-step information that helps you choose the best plans and make the right choices for you and your family.

When you buy insurance through Freelancers Union, you get the peace of mind of knowing you’re buying from people who have your back -- at no additional cost to you.

You’re also supporting the advocacy that will help us build a better future for the nation’s 57.3 million freelancers, including our work advocating for better health options for freelancers now and in the future, as well as our nationwide “Freelance Isn’t Free” fight to end client nonpayment.

Our strength is in our numbers and in our ability to come together as a group with a powerful voice. When freelancers buy together we can build better solutions for the new workforce and form a constituency to influence policy makers and effect political change.

Join me in calling for a system that supports freelancers.

Yours in solidarity,


Sara Horowitz As the founder of Freelancers Union, Sara has been a voice for freelancers for over two decades.