Has automation affected your business? We want to hear from you

Sep 28, 2017

Automation and artificial intelligence are sweeping the business world, transforming everything from factory floors to medical diagnostics.

Has your business been affected by automation, artificial intelligence, and/or robots? How have you dealt with these changes? We’re looking to understand freelancers who have transitioned to a new career, re-skilled, or had to constantly adapt to stay on top of your industry’s trends?

Tell us your story at advocacy@freelancersunion.org.

We’d like to hear your strategies. We plan to share member stories on our blog and with the press to highlight the impact of automation on independent workers.

No one understands better than freelancers that the world of work is changing, and we have to stick together to find solutions to common problems. Visit Freelancers Union’s benefits, advocacy, and resources pages to learn more about our efforts to help freelancers adapt to today’s working life.

Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford is the author of "How to Write a Novel" and the "Jacob Wonderbar" series. He blogs about the writing and publishing process at https://blog.nathanbransford.com