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Recommend a lawyer for Freelancers Guild!

Freelancers face a wide range of unique legal challenges, including nonpayment, contract negotiation, and intellectual property disputes.

That’s why we launched Freelancers Guild -- a lawyer-run, invitation-only group of independent legal professionals who are committed to protecting the rights and interests of their fellow freelancers.

Do you have a lawyer to recommend? Let us know!

Guild members are able reach new clients via our 350,000+ members and take advantage of marketing channels made possible through the Guild’s collective action.

Here are some of the benefits of membership:

  • Listing in Freelancers Union’s app and website
    Peer-to-peer referral network among Guild members
  • Marketing opportunities: webinars, events, blog posts, online resources
    Media exposure for work with the Guild
  • Professional connections with like-minded lawyers

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Questions? Feedback? Reach out to us at!

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