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Sara in the LA Times: We need tax reform for freelancers

Tax day is a painful moment for many Americans. And for freelancers, it’s even more painful still.

Freelancers know they have to deal with tax chores that their nine-to-five, W2 brethren do not --
collecting 1099s, keeping up with quarterly taxes, saving separately for retirement, keeping track of myriad expenses.

What do we get for our efforts? Access to even less of the social safety net.

In today’s LA Times, Freelancers Union Executive Director Sara Horowitz makes the case that true tax reform would take the $1 trillion freelance economy into account and would provide freelancers with more basic protections.

The economy has changed, but tax laws have lagged behind.

As Sara writes, “we need a tax system that is aligned with this new reality, one that doesn’t burden freelancers disproportionately or perpetually expose them to debt.”

Check out the full article.

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