Special invite: The Freelance Business Success Summit

Feb 28, 2017

Summits aren’t just for corporate bigwigs. Master class conventions where industry professionals mingle have made their way to the freelance workforce – and now you can even access one from the comfort of your own home!

The Freelance Business Success Summit runs between March 13 - March 17 and has an average of 6 master sessions per day. Each day has more than 6 hours of content and is free for viewing for 48 hours. The focus is on how to start a freelance business and courses are broken down into 3 stages: Start, Launch, and Grow.

**[Get your ticket here](https://thefutureiscreative.simplero.com/S/https://freelancebusinesssuccesssummit.com?ref=9731-Freelancers-Union)**

For instant and lifetime access to all the courses, freelancers can purchase an All-Access Pass, which also includes bonuses provided by the speakers.

The Freelance Business Summit will feature a 60 minute course with Freelancers Union’s own Caitlin Pearce on the nuts and bolts of freelancing. She talks about how to find good clients, create strong contracts, set rates, and manage conflict.

Built by The Future is Creative, a company founded by freelancing power-couple Joel Bergson and Michelle Tan, the Freelance Business Summit is made by freelancers for freelancers. Tune in between March 13 - March 17 – there’s something for everyone!