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Expert Ann Quick Tips: Buying health insurance when you're under 30

The bad news? You turned 26 and got kicked off your parent’s plan. The good news? Health insurance is still way cheaper when you’re under 30.

Those under 30 can buy a special kind of health insurance plan that protects you from high medical costs and pays for things like annual check-ups. Often called “simple,” “basic,” or “catastrophic,” these plans have lower premiums and protect you from worst-case scenarios. Under these plans, you’ll get 3 doctors visits per year at no cost and free preventive benefits. Plus, all of our NY carriers offer free phone calls with doctors, too.

Remember, even though you might be young and carefree, life has a way of coming at us when we least expect it. Play it safe and make sure you’re covered – it could save you in the long run.

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When you buy health insurance through Freelancers Union, a portion of your purchase goes right back to the freelance workforce – at no additional cost to you! There are no markups, no hidden fees, and if something comes up, we’ve got your back.

At Freelancers Union, we fight for better coverage options for freelancers every day. That’s why it is so important for us to stand together - so that we can be sure the next system provides affordable, quality care to the United States’ 55 million independent workers.

Expert Ann Ann has over a decade of experience helping freelancers find the best insurance for their lifestyle. When she's not perusing plans, you can find her at the local coffee shop getting clarity.