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Ann has over a decade of experience helping freelancers find the best insurance for their lifestyle. When she's not perusing plans, you can find her at the local coffee shop getting clarity.
Feb 14, 2017

How your smile impacts your relationships and career

Fact: Your smile is the first thing people notice about you! Over 96% of adults believe that a nice smile makes someone more appealing – and over 36% believe they would…

Dec 12, 2016

Free download: Health Insurance Subsidy Guide

The deadline to get health insurance coverage for January, 2017 is this Thursday, December 15. Although some insurers may extend their deadlines, this date is especially important if you qualify…

Dec 6, 2016

Expert Ann on health insurance perks: What's covered at no cost to me?

Did you know certain services are fully covered under most ACA health plans? Yep – that's right. No out-of-pocket cost for preventative care like wellness visits, mental illness screenings, and certain…

Nov 30, 2016

Expert Ann: Pick a plan with doctors you trust

Whether you're just booking an annual appointment or something has come up, there's nothing more frustrating than discovering your favorite doctor isn't covered by your insurance plan. Making sure doctors,…

Nov 29, 2016

Free downloadable guide: Health Insurance Terms Glossary

The lingo in health insurance land can certainly lead the uninitiated traveler astray. That's why we've created this pocket dictionary for your foray into Open Enrollment season. Knowing the terms…