7 essentials of a well-written newsletter [infographic]

Nov 11, 2015

For a professional service firm, email newsletters are a marketing home run. They demonstrate both your knowledge and your personality; they promote trust and visibility; they fuel your social media activities; they have (nearly) zero variable cost.

But you’ve probably noticed that most of them are as dry as dust. Fear not! Follow these simple guidelines and your email newsletter will remain forever fresh.

Seven letters (P-E-N-G-U-I-N), each one representing a critical variable that needs to be present in every newsletter you publish if you expect your audience to hear it, understand it and share it with others.

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Michael Katz

Michael Katz is Chief Penguin of Blue Penguin Development. He specializes in developing email newsletters for professional service firms. Sign up for his free newsletter, The Likeable Expert Gazette.