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6 freelancers, 1 video message: #FreelanceIsntFree

We're you – graphic designers, artists, writers – and we walk the freelance tightrope every day.

All too often, the issue of client nonpayment goes unspoken. Many of us fear that in speaking out against bad business practices, we’ll be penalized and lose potential clients.

This culture of silence has to end: The services we provide are valuable and we deserve to be paid for them on-time and in-full.

That’s why we support the #FreelanceIsntFree Campaign and agreed to speak out against client nonpayment in a new campaign video created by Freelancers Union.

Take a look – then join the campaign and make YOUR voice heard:

Join the #FreelanceIsntFree Campaign today!

Meet our freelancers:

Hunt Ethridge is a writer, dating coach, entrepreneur and all around swell guy.

Regine Romain is a Haitian-American artist, educator and anthropologist.

Kam Nield is a director and photographer (and the cinematographer for this video!)

Wilma Dull is the principal of East Side Consulting, a freelance consultancy providing professional communications in the wine, spirits and culinary fields.

Mike Dote is a people photographer and filmmaker.

Whitney Meers is a brand strategy consultant with five years of experience in the field.

Connect with us today: be a part of the #FreelanceIsntFree Campaign!

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