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The most important resource you're not protecting: your income

You consider yourself responsible—you always get insurance on your important electronics; you’ve got a health plan and you get checkups with your doc. But there’s probably one important resource you’re not protecting: your ability to work.

Freelancers don’t have the luxury of a steady paycheck, and getting injured or sick can seriously hamper your ability to find new work—or come through on gigs you’ve already picked up. Suppose you’re a developer who ends up with a broken wrist and can’t code, or a wedding photographer with a broken leg: looking at three months of no work isn’t fun!

Luckily, there’s a thing called disability insurance. And yes, even freelancers can get it.

Disability insurance works like this. You’ll pay a premium each month for it, and if you get sick or injured, after a certain period of time of being unable to work, you’ll collect paychecks for another set amount of time. It’s how you can ensure a cash flow even when you can’t work.

So protect your most important resource—yourself—and get covered today.

For more information about disability insurance, read our post on it here. And click here to see what’s in available in your area.

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