#IWentFreelance: why independent workers are the future!

Jan 14, 2015

Yesterday, one of our Twitter followers asked us to help get the #IWentFreelance hashtag going:

Hey, @freelancersu, can you help me get #IWentFreelance (because) going with a RT? I’d love to hear how we all got here.

— Kwam The Copywriter (@KwamWrites) January 13, 2015

So we gave it a boost!

What's your "going freelance" story? Use #IWentFreelance and tell us in this Hive! https://t.co/3joFa1WZGS (H/T @KwamWrites)

— Freelancers Union (@freelancersu) January 13, 2015

And here was the result:

#IWentFreelance so I could do what I love & love what I do. I now have more time to make memories with my son! #livingthedream

— Kyleen Designs (@KyleenDesigns) January 14, 2015

#IWentFreelance so I could live to work, not work to live. To create the kind of work that I believe in and enjoy a better work-life balance

— Megan Bayley (@bayleyphoto) January 14, 2015

#IWentFreelance so I'd never have to work an underpaying job that made me hate myself ever again.

— Kendall Lynnette (@kendalllynnette) January 13, 2015

#IWentFreelance because I value my freedom, creativity, and ability to work on my own terms. pic.twitter.com/RWh4dj3ZaT

— Cristal Terrones (@MissTerrones) January 13, 2015

#IWentFreelance because I wanted to combine my passions into an exciting career & have the freedom to grow on my own terms! @freelancersu

— Bryna Faye Shields (@brynashields) January 13, 2015

#IWentFreelance because as a single parent, I needed more flexibility and pay than any job I could easily secure

— andrea stegosaurus (@autumnthing) January 13, 2015

@freelancersu Being summoned to a conf room to get the "we're laying you off" speech was riskier than becoming my boss. #IWentFreelance

— Janelle Harris (@thegirlcanwrite) January 13, 2015

#IWentFreelance because I wanted unlimited potential and the ability to create my own value.

— John R. Sowash (@jrsowash) January 13, 2015

If you haven’t shared your going freelance story yet, let us know on Twitter or in Hives, at What's your going freelance story! We want to hear your awesome stories.

The #IWentFreelance thread is remarkable. Such inspiring, real, and powerful stories in 140 characters. Congratulations to all!

— Sara Horowitz (@Sara_Horowitz) January 14, 2015