Come to our virtual #UnofficeParty today!

Dec 10, 2014

Hey freelancers!

This week, thousands of corporate drones will emerge from their cubicles to awkwardly mingle with what’s-her-name, drink soy eggnog, and try not to make eye contact at their boring office holiday parties.

But you? You’re free. And we’ve got a party for you.

Today, we’re having a virtual #UnofficeParty for all the folks who live free, invoice hard, and roll with the independent work revolution. There will be prizes, games and more!

Join us on Twitter and in our Hive at 3pm EST today to join the party!

By joining and commenting in our Hive, you’ll be entered to win a special holiday prize from Freelancers Union! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #UnofficeParty and spread the word on Twitter!

And if you’re in Chicago, Las Vegas, Portland, Austin, or Jersey City, you can have double the party! Yep, there’s a real party -- in a physical space -- with people in ugly sweaters, and you’re invited.

RSVP for the After Hours Unoffice Party happening in your city tonight!

(Unless you’re Chicago. Yours is next week. Saving the best for last!)