This is my union

Dec 2, 2014

Every generation grows up in the shadow of their parents’ revolutions. Sometimes it seems like everything has been done before and all the challenges have been overcome.

But the word “revolution” really means to cycle, to turn in a circle again. There’s always something worth working for.

First it was safer work conditions. Then it was better wages. Now, as independent workers grow to more than a third of the workforce, it’s not a revolution against anyone -- it’s a revolution where isolated, independent individuals use their collective power to build better businesses and better lives in this new economy. This is our movement. This is our union.

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As a group, we can see trends early on about the challenges all freelancers face -- and address them quickly. As a group, we’re a constituency with the power to move markets.

But what does that solidarity look like in action? It’s supporting other small businesses. It’s building political constituency. It’s creating new social safety nets, like insurance and 401(k)s. It’s building change within your community and making conscious decisions for the good of everyone. And it all starts here.

My union is inventive. My union is tenacious. My union is free.

My union is stronger with you.

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