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Upcoming health insurance deadlines

Save these dates!

If you want to get health insurance (and you do), remember these key deadlines.

**November 15 **- Open enrollment for 2015 started.

**December 15 **- You must enroll in a plan by the 15th if you want your coverage to begin January 1.

**December 31 **- You must have paid for your plan by the 31st in order to have coverage starting January 1.

January 1 - 2015 coverage begins, if you’ve met the previous two deadlines.

**February 15 **- Last day of open enrollment -- your last chance to get health insurance for 2015.

Remember: even though it seems like the end of open enrollment is far off, if you want your coverage to begin with the new year, your actual deadline is December 15th.

If you’re wondering about the penalty for not having insurance: yes, there is one, and no, you can’t really get out of paying for it. You’ll pay the penalty when you file your taxes for 2015. Even if you get coverage midway through the year, you’ll still need to pay a penalty for the months you weren’t insured. So get covered!

Feeling lost? Read our guide to health insurance here and don’t forget to check out your options on our National Benefits Platform!

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