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How Freelancers Medical fits a hectic freelance life

Freelancers have asked us how Freelancers Medical, a program built for independent workers, can fit into their hectic lives. Jess Grippo, a freelance dancer, writer, and life coach, was kind enough to share her experience getting the most out of Freelancers Medical’s flexible care.

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Joining Freelancers Medical was one of the best choices I made for my health as a freelance dancer and life coach.

From the moment I walked into the office, I felt a sense of relief, like I was being taken care of. Having had no health insurance or very minimal coverage prior to joining Freelancers, I've had my share of medical clinic experiences and most of them were not very pretty or enjoyable.

I was shocked when I arrived to not only a clean and beautiful space that offered tea and water while I waited, but I had my own health coach -- Leigh -- who took the time to sit and talk with me at length about my history and my current health situation.

I felt understood and it was so awesome to know that there were people keeping track of what was happening with me.

Any time I made an appointment or emailed with a question, Leigh and David (my doctor) were responsive and really helpful and knowledgeable. I love having them as my go-to health guides.

My social work sessions with Charlotte were a lifesaver during a difficult transition. Erica not only helped with my lady issues, but was there when I needed last minute support.

In the midst of a very jarring bike fall, I was able to come in and get an appointment at the last minute. The support and nurturance that everyone provided me that day helped me to recover quickly and get through a weekend of dance performances. I don't know what I would've done that day without their help.

What they provide is so much more than medical attention - they provide the human connection and empathy that, in my opinion, is often missing from our highly busy NYC lifestyles.

Freelancers Medical is a loving oasis in the midst of a lot of craziness. And I think you would have to be crazy to NOT join the home they've built.

I see it as a model of medical care that is going to make radical shifts in our current system, and I hope that more and more health centers everywhere start to follow in their footsteps.

-- Jess Grippo

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