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Zombie vegetables: How to regrow vegetables from scraps

Did I get you with the headline? Zombie vegetables you ask? Yes, you can grow whole, beautiful, edible vegetables from the stuff you usually throw away.

They don’t eat brains, but at any rate they are undead. Perhaps there is another denomination that better suits magical and immortal vegetables that can essentially be regrown from their scraps, FOREVER. Yes, that’s right, until the end of time, probably.

Not only is re-growing vegetables from scraps extremely economical, but it’s just plain cool.

Celery/Bok Choy/Cabbage

Cut the stalks or leaves within an inch of the roots and place them in water with the roots facing down. Make sure the roots are in water but don’t submerge the entire plant. Place the bowl in a sunny windowsill and spritz with water at least once a week. After 7-10 days plant in soil with the leaves sticking out. You will be able to harvest a new stalk or head of celery/bok choy/cabbage in several weeks.


Place the leftover white roots in a container with a small amount of water in it (so that the roots are wet but not entirely submerged). Place the container on a sunny windowsill. You will see new growth within 3-5 days. Use as needed and just change out the water weekly.


Take a single clove of garlic and plant it in soil, root end down. Garlic likes warm, direct sunlight. Once the garlic roots it will product shoots (garlic scapes), cut the shoots (and eat them because they are the most delicious thing EVER), and the plant will produce a big bulb. Eat and repeat.


Take a chunk of ginger and place it in the soil with the newest buds facing up. Ginger enjoys basking in partial sunlight in a warm, moist environment. You will start to see new growth sprouting from the soil and the roots will begin to spread. When you are in need of some ginger, pull the whole plant out, but off whatever you need and replant as before. Easy. Peasy.


You can regrow potatoes from any potato with a lot of eyes growing on it. Cut the potato into 2 inch square pieces, making sure each piece has at least one or two eyes on it. Leave the potato to sit at room temperature for a day or so. Plant in nutrient rich soil, around 8 inches deep with the eye facing upward. Cover with four more inches of soil, and add more as the plant grows. Once the potato stalks start to die back and lose most of their color.


While carrots cannot be re-grown into more edible carrots, it will make a lovely carrot plant. Just cut off the top of your carrot, leaving about an inch at the root. Stick toothpicks in the side of the carrot and balance it in a glass of water (filling the water up to meet the bottom of the carrot). Leave the glass in indirect sunlight and make sure the bottom of your cutting is wet at all times. You should see roots in a few days and you can transplant the plant into soil after a week.

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