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Happy (freelance) Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day weekend Freelancers!

Anyone who’s paying attention knows the freelance workforce is surging. By 2020, half of the workforce is expected to go freelance and there are currently more than 42 million freelancers out there demonstrating how to build a sustainable, meaningfully independent life.

There’s no doubt that independent workers are the new face of labor in America -- so let’s celebrate it!

For those of you who may not have gone on a rather long Wikipedia downward spiral (that lead to this fascinating little tidbit), here are some interesting facts about Labor day:

-It was established as the first Monday of every September by Grover Cleveland in 1887. However, it was first promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor who held the first Labor Day parade in New York City in 1882.

-The celebration was outlined in the initial proposal of the holiday as a street parade to exhibit “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations”.

-It is considered the unofficial end of summer and the very last day you are allowed, in good conscious, to wear white, or seersucker.

-Canada (and many other nations) have an equivalent day, but of course add an extra “U” for flair. Canadian Labour day is also celebrated on the first Monday in September.

-A fact that I am making up right now is that Labor Day is the perfect day for Freelancers to take the day off and reflect on their awesome independence! Freelancers don’t often get the benefit of having federal holidays off, and while it may seem unnecessary to take President’s Day off (we get it Washington, you were great), Labor Day is one that we can all get behind.

If you are at a loss for ideas on how to spend your much deserved Labor Day, here are some suggestions:

1. Find the closest body of water and appreciate that it is not frozen yet (here’s looking at you Chicago). Perhaps even have a dip.

Photo by: @nixietale/Instagram

2. If that closest body of water involves some sort of boardwalk, which involves some sort of fried food, then say yes to whatever it is (bonus point if you cannot identify the food under the fried dough).

Photo by: @zarahleee/Instagram

3. Any combination of rooftops/backyards/parks + grilled things + sunshine = The Labor Day trifecta of success.

Photo by: @youjinism/Instagram

4. Take your dog for an adventure, or borrow a dog (my dog will happily go on an adventure with you, or stare into the depths of your soul)!

Photo by: @nomadnation/Instagram

5. Two words: ice cream.

Photo by: @girleatworld/Instagram

Freelancers, how are you spending the holiday weekend? Follow us on Instagram @freelancersu and share your photos using #FreelanceLaborDay!

Ashlee Christian is from the north-side of Chicago and will never stop saying "pop" or eating pizza with a fork and knife, so please stop trying to change her. Follow her on Twitter @nomadnation