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The amazing people who inspire freelancers

Wow. In case you thought of freelancers as an isolated bunch, just check out all the people who were inspired to start their businesses & follow their passions by friends, family, teachers, and leaders on #ThanksfortheSpark.

This week, our founder Sara Horowitz has been sharing her thanks for the people who inspired her. She invited others to share theirs at #ThanksfortheSpark -- and we got a lot of heartfelt, emotional responses (here are just a few):

#ThanksForTheSpark Kathleen Hudspeth, from @turnbasedpress Amazing teacher who teaches much more that Printmaking! @AlumniNWSA @NWSA_MIAMI

— Denisse Monge (@_DMonge) August 13, 2014

Sr. Marcyann challenged us to ask questions, demand more of ourselves, and do it with a sense of humor. #ThanksForTheSpark MT @Sara_Horowitz

— Jenn Diagostino (@diagostinoj) August 13, 2014

#ThanksForTheSpark @bethferreira who inspires me to work hard to make a difference! "Who inspires you?" @freelancersu

— kate haber (@katehaber) August 13, 2014

My art teacher in highschool gave me every opportunity and encouragement to go beyond where I could've on my own #ThanksForTheSpark

— Rebecca Overstreet (@RDOverstreet) August 13, 2014

.@halseanderson @BethKephart @susanecolasanti are so generous in sharing their lives as writers - #ThanksForTheSpark

— Jenessa Connor (@JenessaConnor) August 13, 2014

Join in: Who inspired you? Tweet now #ThanksfortheSpark!