Was your grandma the life of the party?

Jul 31, 2014

“Even as technology catapults us into the future, our nostalgia and appreciation for days gone by has never been stronger.”

We’re living at a time when teenagers treasure their grandparents’ vinyl records and post photos of them on Instagram. When the hairclip your grandma wore to prom becomes your favorite accessory. When stores are filled with clothes straight from a 1954 Sears catalog.

This month, let’s celebrate our grandparents’ generation by sharing stories about the men and women who...well, made our lives possible!

Caring Across Generations is inviting you to share the memories and relationships of your grandparents as part of #ThrowbackSummer, a movement to inspire connections across generations and promote policies that protect the dignity and independence of seniors, people with disabilities, and the people who care for them.

Visit #ThrowbackSummer to join the fun!

Participants will be able to nominate their grandparents in one of five ‘senior superlative’ categories, including Best Dressed, Most Talented, Life of the Party, Most Inspiring, and Most Ahead of Their Time, and vote online for fun family giveaways and a special grand prize.

Caring Across Generations was initiated by National Domestic Workers Alliance, which advocates on the behalf of over 10,000 domestic workers across America. Let’s support our fellow workers and the people who support our seniors by participating!

Hurry up, before my grandma’s wins Best Dressed!