Downsize your home, upsize your independence

Jul 24, 2014

What is success?

Freelancers are redefining the American Dream. It’s not just about your salary and your job title, it’s about creating a life of independence, flexibility, and doing what you love. Freelancers are pioneers of this new frontier (feel free if you must, to purchase the appropriate attire).

The new definition of success is also not about the size of your house.

Our lives are already plagued with difficult and complicated things. Across the country, people are choosing to live more simply, and this also means reducing monthly bills and increasing flexibility by reducing the size of their living space.

One group of pioneers who are embodying meaningful independence and streamlining the where/what/how life decisions are those in the Tiny House Movement. The Tiny House Movement, lead by people choosing to live in smaller homes, usually under 500 square feet. (For many of you who live in NYC, congratulations, you too are a part of this movement by default.)

This movement is being championed by people who are economically savvy, environmentally conscious -- but most importantly, they’re also often un-tethered to one location and are not part of the traditional workforce. They’re building their own structures (from scratch! with their hands!), but they’re also DIY-ing their work: cobbling together multiple gigs in order to give themselves the freedom and flexibility to have a more balanced life.

Downsizing is not just about the size of your house, its about finding a life of meaningful independence.

If you have now been inspired to move off the grid and get really good at sanding wood (you are already holding a hammer, aren’t you?), then check out some of these great resources for learning more about the Tiny House Movement:

Tiny House Swoon: This site is exactly what it sounds like, get your tiny house swoon on.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company: Offers workshops for prospective tiny house builders, construction plans, as well as ready-made houses.

Tiny- The Movie: A great documentary about the Tiny House Movement, and some of the folks who are a part of it.

Freelancers, are you interested in living smaller?