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Free access to The New Yorker this summer

What’s better than getting a crisp new copy of The New Yorker in your mailbox?

Surely it’s today’s news that you can access every article of every issue since 2007 for free online, a “summer-long free-for-all” in honor of The New Yorker’s new site design. In the fall, they’ll switch to a New York Times-like paywall.

This summer they’ll also re-release older but frequently requested stories by Alice Munro, Isadora Duncan and others, along with recommendations of the best stories from staff writers.

As a side note, anyone who has ever launched a new product knows how difficult it is to get people to care -- even if you’re The New Yorker. As you get inspired by stories and news, business owners should also take note of their transparent, simple marketing strategy that is in fact so simple you can barely tell it’s a marketing strategy (which is the best kind, no?). What are you giving away for free that gets people to buy what you want them to?

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