Why you should join Freelancers Union

Jul 1, 2014

The future of our economy is being built by freelancers.

Together, over 42 million independents across the United States are redefining success and charting a new course. Since 1995, Freelancers Union has been at the heart of this movement, connecting its members to benefits, resources and community. Now over 250,000 strong, we are united to build a better future together.

So why should you join Freelancers Union?

We’re builders.

Freelancing is all about independence, but that doesn’t mean freelancers have to do everything on their own. The belief that we are stronger together than we are alone is at the heart of our vision of the new economy. Freelancers Union refers to this connected lifestyle as New Mutualism. It’s a sustainable way to build an economy that serves everyone.

- Read about New Mutualism and the growing freelance movement

We’re a connected movement.

Creating a member profile is the first step to building a network of freelancers across the country. With the searchable directory, you can find freelancers who share your interests, connect with freelancers you like, and find people to work with (or just talk to!).

- Create your profile and search the directory

We’ve got market power.

The 9-5 cube farm doesn’t have much going for it, except for benefits like a retirement plan or health insurance (sometimes). That’s where we come in! Freelancers Union’s benefits platform serves freelancers across the country. Our dental, disability, term life, liability, and retirement plans are offered nationwide.

- Search the National Benefits Platform

We share resources to help each other thrive.

We’re here to make your life and work easier. Our online tools let you create a contract, get discounts, and find local freelance-friendly businesses and groups that share your values. If you want daily doses of advice on clients and gigs, taxes, health, creativity, and more, then become a regular reader of our blog. It’s a wonderland of useful, inspirational articles on the freelance life.

- Check out contract creator, member discounts, the Quiet Revolution Map and our blog

Together, the new workforce is building a movement, and we want you to be part of it. Membership is free. Are you ready to take the next step?