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5 strange and wonderful summer activities

For many of us who live in the upper half of the Earth, we endured a pretty brutal and soul sucking winter. You may or may not have already repressed this through therapy and ice cream.

We were all Lieutenant Dan this winter.

As hard as it might be to imagine :knocks furiously on all the wood: I think it is safe to say that summer is here!

If you find yourself with time to take a well deserved respite from your freelance work and perhaps are at a loss for fun summer ideas look no further:

Take out some of your repressed the-winter-was-too-damn-long aggression on some crabs. Nothing says summer like seafood and greasy, greasy butter hands.

Mallet, meet crab. Crab, meet mouth. (Photo by: rachaelvoorhees)

On the topic of alien looking foodstuffs, go out and find something weird from a street food vendor, and eat it (extra points if you have no idea what you would call the food in English). Check out Roaming Hunger to find food trucks in your area.

Scorpions on a stick, anyone? (Photo By: sung ming whang)

Get out of town and do some stargazing (unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere without light pollution, in which case, look up!) If you are not so lucky, this website will point you in the direction of the nearest observatory, and also let you know what the sky conditions will be at various locations. NERDGASM.

I just can’t even with the amount of stars in this picture. Here’s looking at you Vermont night sky. #Swoon. (Photo By: chensiyuan)

Find a strange and glorious roadside attraction or niche museum near you. Roadside America can help you locate the strangest and most wonderful things in your state. Under NO circumstances though, should you ever visit The Clown Motel.

I never knew how much I longed for a picnic basket shaped building until this very moment.

Go on a treasure hunt! This is a thing you can do, as a non-pirate adult human! It’s called Geocaching, and there are little bits of treasure hidden all over the world. Check out Geocaching 101 to learn more about the rules and how to get your treasure hunt on.

A box of glorious and previously unknown treasure! It’s probably all totally worthless, but who cares!? (Photo By: i_am_jim)

Freelancers, what are strange and wonderful mischief are you getting into this summer?