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Get dirty this summer (gardening)

Planting a veggie garden has an obvious tangible benefit: ie. physical things to put in your mouth. You’re also eating local, have more control over where your food comes from, and even saving a few dollars in the process.

But wait! There’s more! Gardening also has less tangible benefits: it’s good for your mental and physical health.

Just because you may occupy a smaller corner of the Earth doesn’t mean you can’t plant things. Start a herb garden on your window sill/fire escape/balcony. Or join a community garden! Check out The Quiet Revolution Map for community gardens near you.

It Relieves Stress

A 2011 study found that gardening combats stress better than other leisure activities such as reading. Just 30 minutes of outdoor gardening can do all sorts of things for your mood. Getting out in the sunshine is also great for stress relief and your immune system (just don’t forget the sunscreen).

It gets you moving

Depending on your living situation you may have more room for your garden to to grow. However, no matter how big or small, there will be hauling sacks of dirt, watering, harvesting and other vigorous activities involved. Exercise and other physical activities are also great stress relievers.

It enables you to put better things in your mouth

Let’s face it, organic basil/kale/tomatoes are expensive when you buy them at the store. For a summer’s worth of garden veggies(and then some), it’s about 4 dollars per seed packet. So not only are you being financially savvy but you are getting a good healthy foodstuff too.

Freelancers, how do you grow and nurture a healthy mind, body, and stomach?