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The 10 stages of grief: Clients with terrible taste (in GIFs!)

Congratulations, entrepreneur! You found a client who would love to pay you for your services.

:High-Five!: So now what? You think you have an idea of what they want, but as it happens they have what we like to call in the biz: TERRIBLE TASTE IN EVERYTHING EVER. Well suck it up cowboy, you were hired to do a job, and you are going to do it.

Take solace in knowing that you are not alone, there are several stages of clients-with-bad-taste grief, and you will get through this.

**Stage 1: You’re Hired! **

Stage 2: The Realization that your client is a Connoisseur of Awful

**Stage 3: Rage **

**Stage 4: Aggressive Smiling **

**Stage 5: Resolve **

**Stage 6: Bang it out **

**Stage 7: Being DONE WITH IT **

**Stage 8: Smug Resolve **

**Stage 9: Acceptance **

Stage 10: No fing way that’s going into my portfolio*

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