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How not to work on weekends (in GIFs)

It's July, so you no longer have any excuse to stay inside on the weekends doing client work.

Yes, you're very busy and important and there's work due Monday. But sometimes it's also our faults for not setting appropriate boundaries or ...delaying our process cough procrastinating cough. And even so, you need to take a break!

Here's how I stopped working on weekends:

**I said NO to emails. **

I said SORRY NOT SORRY to client calls, unless they were in physical peril (in which case they probably shouldn't call me in the first place).

I said NO to the oppressive shackles of my text messaging/social media addiction.

I said YES to adventure!

And YES to fresh air!

Go outside

I said YES to sunshine and cats in hats.

I said YES to nature.

I said YES to questionable food choices.

I said YES to spending time with fun folks.

On my adventures, I found something I thought was just a myth.

No, not that, but maybe that, but also WORK/LIFE BALANCE.

**Just say NO! And YES! **

(Model: Peter Hilton)