What freelancers need to know: The week in review

May 2, 2014

*not an actual quote by Melville.

Happy Sunday, indies!

It was a week of long-lost letters, an extremely exciting four-day National Cable and Telecom Association confab, and lest you missed it, and a lizard man in a lab coat threatened America.

But more importantly, it was an exciting week on the Freelancers Union blog, especially because of May Day! Here are some of our top posts from the week, along with our favorite content from the interwebs.

Business tips:

How to find gigs on LinkedIn. It's like a social network... but for busy people. We break down how to find good clients and optimize your profile with keywords.

5 tips for dealing with micromanagers. How to deal with clients who don't really know what they want, but want to make sure that you know what they think they want. If that sentence gave you heartburn, you need to read this.

Common freelance mistakes (and how to avoid them). Our most popular post of the week. Fix these time- and money-suckers and you'll be a happier freelancer.

May Day!

What is May Day? It is not a navy distress call.

Celebrate May Day: Learn from labor's past. Our founder Sara talks about how the next big idea for workers comes from labor history.

Stuff that makes you think:

The Metric of More. From Paul Jarvis, my favorite newly-found blogger. This guy tells it like it is. In this post, he talks about getting sucked into the "more Likes!!" machine.

Stop waiting for an original idea: How I stopped leaving my ideas to rot in the dust.

What it takes to design a good life. Via Brain Pickings. "Imagine immensities. Pick yourself up from rejection and plow ahead. Don’t compromise."

Why are we moving less? America is becoming more divided: rich from poor, specialty from specialty, state from state. Why?

Oh, and want to win some money? Cool.

Take a survey about your banking habits, and you'll be entered to win $250. And it only takes 4 minutes.

Quote of the week:

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation” - Herman Melville

— Freelancers Union (@freelancersu) April 26, 2014