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The best project management tools for freelancers

Tired of keeping track of everything in spreadsheets, post-it notes, or your inbox? Project management software can help you save time, collaborate effectively, and prevent important to-do’s from slipping through the cracks.

Here’s a run-down of some project management programs that we recommend. In addition to running on a standard desktop, each of these tools offers iOS and Android apps.


Price: Starts at $20 a month for 10 projects at a time

Basecamp is a beautiful, cloud-based project management tool with a large fan base. The intuitive design makes it easy to set tasks and keep track of who is doing what, and you can also set it up to send your project members email notifications as tasks are completed.


Price: Free for basic use

Self-described as a “whiteboard with superpowers,” Trello is a visual collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards (‘To Do’, ‘Doing’, and ‘Done’, for example). This simple, intuitive project management application can be upgraded to business class for $50 per month. This upgrade includes advanced features such as Google Apps integration and read-only observer roles.


Price: Free for basic use

Asana is a popular group collaboration tool that’s free to use for up to 15 people. Users can create, assign, and comment on tasks and store them together. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications regarding changes to the task, which makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

Evernote & Azendoo

Price: Free for basic use

While Evernote was primarily created as a task manager, the organizational tool is also a popular project management tool. Depending on what types of tasks or projects you’re working on, Evernote is appealingly flexible. It can store notes, receipts, and other miscellaneous files associated with each project. Evernote also syncs up with an excellent project management app called Azendoo. This simplifies the process of delegating tasks, sharing ideas, and achieving goals when working with a team.

Freelancers, what are your favorite project management tools or apps?