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'A very very big art show': 5 museums launch Art Everywhere

When was the last time you visited a great work of art? (Not saw it on your computer screen or in a book?)

As creative freelancers, many of us thrive on this kind of visual creative stimulation -- and, as it turns out, our mental and physical health improves from looking at art, too. Unfortunately for most of us, great art is out of sight, out of mind.

This summer, major outdoor advertising networks have partnered with 5 national museums to put 50 works of American art on billboards and outdoor ads across the country. The project, called Art Everywhere US, is sponsored by the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research & Education. The organization is also attempting to revive interest in a slowly dying ad medium.

It may come as little surprise to you that the outdoor advertising business is struggling. The ad sales for billboards, bus stop banners, and subway posters -- seen as passé mediums in an increasingly digital world -- have fallen 1.6 percent every year for the past 5 years, according to an article in The New York Times today.

The participating museums -- LACMA, Art Insitute Chicago, The Whitney, Dallas Museum of Art, and National Gallery of Art in D.C. -- have submitted 100 works of art, and now the works will be put up to a vote on to determine the 50 winners. (You can vote here.)

“Art Everywhere puts marvelously diverse American ideas and stories told through images in the open air with public involvement — reminding us of the many more great images that are accessible in our museums,” LACMA Director Michael Govan said in the LA Times.

Freelancers, what do you think about this project?