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14 Arcane words every freelancer should use

Happy Friday, freelancers! Just for fun, we've combed through the archaic section of the dictionary (and this friendly guide) to find words that we feel need to be brought back to your vocabularity based on their tremendous usefulness in describing the situations freelancers find themselves in.

Enjoy! And feel free to contribute your own sentence or strange word in the comments.

1. abequitate (ab-EK-wi-tayt) to ride away

If you don’t give me my fee right now, I will abequitate on my pony!

2. cattywampus (CAT-ee-wam-pus) in disarray or disorder

My desk was in such a state of cattywampus that I contemplated setting it ablaze and starting over.

**3. meshantery (me-SHANT-er-ee) **a wicked deed

Captain Walker, freelance pirate, provides a wide variety of meshantery services.

**4. nostomania (nos-to-MAY-ni-a) **acute homesickness

Glory was excited to move to NYC, but whenever she saw a dead fish in Chinatown, she got a strong sense of nostomania for the small fishing village of her youth.

5. autophoby (au-TOF-o-bee) fear of referring to oneself

Mark was terrified of networking events, and due to crippling autophobia, had to refer to himself in the third person.

6. babblative (BAB-la-tiv) tending to babble or prattle

Babblative Betty babbled herself to oblibbion.

7. plaustral (PLOW-stral) pertaining to a wagon

I only enjoy plaustral computer games from first released in 1981 that feature bison.

8. griffonage (GRI-fun-eyge) illegible handwriting

That moleskine notebook is awfully cute, but based on the griffonage inside, it might be better to type up your project notes.

9. hibernacle (HY-ber-na-kul) a winter retreat

Shivering in the poorly heated coworking space, she calculated how many new clients she'd need to afford a hibernacle.

10. hobhouchin (hob-HOO-chin) an owl

That freelance dressmaker just made the best hobhouchin tote!

11. biedermeier (BY-der-my-er) vulgar or second-rate artistically

My new haircut feels so biedermeier now that Nicole has a mohawk.

12. zoetic (zo-E-tik) living, vital

The co-op down the street sells organic produce, terrariums, and other zoetic treasures.

13. mediocrist (MEE-dee-o-krist) one having mediocre ability or talent

Igor prefered straight lines to diagonal lines and got fired by his client. There's no room for mediocrists in the competitive freelance world.

14. eyeservice (EY-ser-vis) work or service done only when the employer is watching

Now that I work from home, I don't have to worry about doing any eyeservice for anyone, although my cat does seem to give me more judgmental looks when he catches me on Facebook.

Add your own words!