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95% of grandfathers got job by walking right up and just asking -- The Onion

Have we forgotten the value of gumption?

Even though this "news" spot on The Onion is satire, what resonated with me is that "William Chambers" seems to know things more recent generations have half-forgotten (and I include myself!). The video made me think about these questions:

  • Have I allowed my level of education or experience to stop me from taking chances and going after what I want?
  • Have I avoided applying to great gigs that I really want because I don't want to get turned down?
  • Do I spend a lot of time learning and preparing in order to avoid doing?
  • Do I judge other people by their level of education/experience and not by their character?

That's the sneaky power of satire -- it seems funny and harmless, but it gets under your skin. Now enough talking, just watch!