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How do you pay taxes in the sharing economy? A live Q&A

People are piecing together their income in all kinds of ways we never would have thought possible even a few years ago.

There are now freelance accountants who rent their extra room on Airbnb, sell some handknit scarves on Etsy, all while picking up Lyft rides on the side -- and, of course, playing bass in a punk band at night.

But the government infrastructure hasn’t caught up to the way people are actually living their lives, especially when it comes to taxes.

If you’re drive for RelayRides, can you claim part of your car payment as a deduction? Can you write off the circular saw you bartered on Neighborgoods? Is the photographer you got to take pictures of your Airbnb rental considered a business expense?

Those questions are hard. That’s why Peers and Freelancers Union are teaming up to help you find your way through the wild, wooly world of taxes in the sharing economy.

Join us at 3 PM ET, Wednesday, March 19 for a Q&A on taxes in the sharing economy.

Ask your questions now on Twitter at #ShareTaxQA or leave them in the app below and our friendly neighborhood accountant Jonathan Medows, CPA will answer them as best he can. (Be prepared: Some of these tax questions have no good answer yet. That’s why the tax system needs to catch up!)

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Sara Horowitz As the founder of Freelancers Union, Sara has been a voice for freelancers for over two decades.