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11 Funny and unique Lorem Ipsum generators

As a freelancer, chances are you either use or come across Lorem Ipsum, the classic placeholder text.

If you have a client with a good sense of humor, try using these placeholders instead, sure to make them appreciate your design/coding even more:

1. Zombie Ipsum

“A macabre feast of frightful filler!” Comes in Regular, Lite, and 50% More Brains.

Zombies reversus ab inferno, nam malum cerebro. De carne animata corpora quaeritis. Summus sit​​, morbo vel maleficia? De Apocalypsi undead dictum mauris. Hi mortuis soulless creaturas, imo monstra adventus vultus comedat cerebella viventium. Qui offenderit rapto, terribilem incessu. The voodoo sacerdos suscitat mortuos comedere carnem. Search for solum oculi eorum defunctis cerebro. Nescio an Undead zombies. Sicut malus movie horror.

2. Hacker Ipsum

Guaranteed to make you miss DOS.

Haxx0r ipsum frack else data firewall cookie error Donald Knuth client less strlen wannabee it's a feature. Ssh for mountain dew new pwned access gurfle bang gcc function alloc cd sql Dennis Ritchie packet sniffer rsa thread. Boolean blob concurrently fopen crack ddos private break ifdef recursively semaphore infinite loop class Starcraft tera leet syn afk fork.

3. Trollem Ipsum

For when you want to troll, but you just can’t figure out what to say. Here’s an Apple Fanboy troll:

MacBook Air is just beautiful so as to profit first Apple will only get better, before genius, suddenly profit not only iTunes makes it easy, consequently battery life, who CrackBerry, in the main battery drain, whereas gorgeous in the beginning gorgeous, I believe pleasure to use, in my opinion Android sucks.

4. Hipster Ipsum aka Hipsum

What I love about this one is that you can get a different set of Hipsum text each time.

Banh mi VHS lomo Bushwick, chambray single-origin coffee Pinterest fixie Cosby sweater Terry Richardson four loko blog beard mixtape. Vegan American Apparel Shoreditch mustache vinyl. Williamsburg put a bird on it iPhone kale chips, 90's American Apparel meh bespoke chia biodiesel aesthetic.

5. Lebowski Ipsum

This one really feels like a labor of love. You can refine by character, NSFW-ness, and even throw in a bit of standard Lorem Ipsum. But I’ll admit, I spent a good 5 minutes just rolling the bowling ball up and down.

Lebowski ipsum …which would place him high in the runnin' for laziest worldwide—but sometimes there's a man… sometimes there's a man. Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing. Another Caucasian, Gary. Elit praesent ac magna justo pellentesque ac lectus. Strong men also cry… Strong men also cry. Quis elit blandit fringilla a ut turpis. Please see him, Jeffrey. He's a good man. And thorough. Praesent felis ligula, malesuada suscipit malesuada non, ultrices non.

6. PokeIpsum

When you want to get your Charmander on.

Bulbasaur Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ivysaur Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Venusaur Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Charmander Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

7. Hodor Ipsum

For Game of Thrones fans. However, it’s not the most dynamic of Ipsum texts.

Hodor hodor hodor HODOR hodor, hodor hodor. Hodor. Hodor hodor - hodor HODOR hodor, hodor hodor?!

8. Cupcake Ipsum

Not sure this was such a good idea -- working with this makes me kind of hungry. Mmm marzipan.

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet. Lollipop macaroon marshmallow lollipop. Bear claw pudding fruitcake tart jelly-o. Marzipan lemon drops jelly. Dessert I love cupcake biscuit I love caramels. Jujubes icing fruitcake oat cake.

9. Fillerati

Pick your favorite 19th century writer and novel, and you’re on your way. Clearly this is one to use for discerning clients.

The night was really terrible; it would be a miracle if the craft did not founder. Twice it could have been all over with her if the crew had not been constantly on the watch. Aouda was exhausted, but did not utter a complaint. More than once Mr. Fogg rushed to protect her from the violence of the waves. Day reappeared.

10. The Hairy Lipsum

“Is your Latin lacking a certain rugged handsomeness?” I thought so.

Cigars mark lawrenson hairy kiss. um yesbaby ian botham great dictator, felis ian botham hairy kid at school um yesbaby cigars hairy kiss. lady magnets great dictator mark lawrenson brigadier.

11. Corporate Ipsum

Just in case you’ve got a persnickety corporate client, this placeholder tax is sure to please. There’s a heavy supply of “synergize” and “clicks-and-mortar.”

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.