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The 8 best pens for writing

As a writer, I'm a big fan of awesome pens.

There are thousands -- no, probably millions -- of pens in the world, most of which I know nothing about. I hope that you consider this the start of a list and not the "final say," so freelancers, please add your favorites in comments.

1. Le pen

Slim, inky, smooth. I mean really slim. When I write with it, I feel cooler. Comes in many shades.

2. Staedler Sketch Pen

This pen feels and looks like it's made for actual artists. Permanent ink. Writes on wood, for when I need to graffiti park benches (kidding).

3. Muji Hexagonal Pen

This pen is like many others -- inky, smooth -- but the pen shaft is hexagonal, and this seems to give me better grip on the pen.

4. Kaweko Sport

I like this pen because the tip is gold, it has a screw top, it fits in your pocket (without stabbing you when you sit down, because it's short), and it's a charming blend of modern (plastic) and antique. Just the right amount of ink delivery. Nib doesn't scratch.

5. Papermate ballpoint

Pen connisseurs may scorn this choice, but I have never found a ballpoint that runs more smoothly than this veteran.

6. Papermate Flair

Continuing the Papermate theme: if you don't like writing small and want a dramatic, marker-writing experience, try this pen.

7. Pilot Precise V5/V7 Rolling Ball Pens

I love the fact that you can always see how much ink is left in these guys. You never have to try that "Oh it must be jammed, let me stab my paper repeatedly and lick it and scribble" thing. You know.

8. Moleskine Roller Pen

Moleskine, a favorite of writers everywhere, has a pen that both writes nicely and conveniently slips onto your Moleskine (or other notebook). They sure know how to keep it classy.

What are your favorite pens?