Share the Quiet Revolution

Mar 6, 2014

Do you want better, not more?

Do you believe that how you do something -- the little decisions in your everyday life and work -- matters, not just what you do? Do you think connection, creativity, and cooperation are more important than climbing the corporate ladder?

If you do, you’re already a Quiet Revolutionary -- and you’re changing the definition of success in America.

**Add your voice to the movement: tweet or share the message now with the #QuietRevolution **and you’ll be entered to win a Quiet Revolution t-shirt or tote.

Look, Ben already has one:

**To enter: **

1. Follow @freelancersu or like Freelancers Union on Facebook. This is so we can DM you if you win, and also so you can get your fill of the awesome things we post.

2. Include the hashtag #QuietRevolution and a link back to his post to enter (here's an auto-filled tweet)

We call it the Quiet Revolution because you can see signs of it in so many different areas -- from food to banking to publishing -- but it’s not the kind of revolution that happens in protests in the street. It’s more of a groundswell of people speaking with their dollars by making smarter purchases that align with their values.

Join the movement and tell your friends and followers that it’s time to lift a collective middle finger to an economy that’s no longer in line with our values. Tweet or share your support.

The next economy is here, and we’re the vanguard. Each voice, each purchase matters. Let’s speak up.

Read the full rules of the contest here.