If this week's freelance pets, Mura and Dugan, don't have cookies to chew on, they start eating chairs. In other words, you better give them cookies.

Name: Mura and Dugan

Owner: Sherylene McDonald | Graphic Designer | www.sherylenedesign.com

Favorite Activity: Eating “cookies”, running every morning, and sleeping upside down while I do all the boring stuff.

Item they have destroyed: When Mura was younger she chewed up a very expensive retainer, remote controls, batteries, and she was so fast she chewed the leg of the chair while I was sitting in it. When she had nothing left to chew, she chewed up the wall.

Ways they brighten your work/life: They are the perfect running partners to take my mind off the stress of work. When I am working they love to sleep but when they get restless they remind me it’s time for a break.

If they could speak, they would say: "COOKIES!”

Thanks to all the freelancers who submitted freelance pets! Mura and Dugan are our last pets. If you want to read more, check out our previous features: Ramsay, Pedro, Triscuit, Pekoe, Fritz, Rita Lee, Mochi, Phoebe, Shemp