Need some creative inspiration? Bunny!

Feb 21, 2014

Shemp, this week's freelance pet, provides some much-needed distraction and inspiration for her owners Carolyn and Blake as she hops around their desks.

Name: Shemp the Rabbit

Owners: Carolyn Packard, Graphic Designer |
Blake Packard, Illustrator |

Favorite activities: Eating, getting pets behind the ears, sleeping, doing crazy bunny hops, stretching out on the carpet, jumping onto the couch.

Items she has destroyed: Shemp has contributed to the success of the Apple Store by my repeated trips to replace the power cord for my laptop.

Ways she brightens our work/lives: Shemp will often hop into my office or near Blake's desk to hang out while we work. Sometimes if I need a break, I will stop and give her pets and attention. Shemp is also a great companion for late night projects, and will sit under my desk or chair. She has inspired both my design and Blake's illustration.

If she could speak, she would say: "Stop working and feed me, human!"

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