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Take this pup to the pub!

Happy Friday, freelancers! If you're heading out to the bar tonight, today's freelance pet Phoebe wants to join you.

Name: Phoebe Mooney

Owner: Kate Mooney | Writer |

Favorite Activity: Running, swimming, jumping, sticking her snout in the snow, cuddling, chewing on tiny shiny things, sneakin' chicken bones off the street, riding in the car, going to the dog bar, hanging with the girls, hanging with the boys, etc.

Item they have destroyed: Too many to list, but it was pretty epic when she was little she gnawed the broom handle down to a splint and scattered the bristles all over the apartment.

Ways they brighten your work/life: Always by my side. #1 writing wingman. Great at parties, great to drink with (Lucky Dog Bar is a fave), great riding shotgun on a road trip, great to snuggle with, great to watch a movie with, great to go running with.

If they could speak, they would say: "Hmmm...OK."

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