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Meet Mochi, the Lovely Lady that Plays Hard-to-Get

Mochi's beauty is only enhanced by her distant, begrudging affection -- she is a true master in the art of mystique.

Name: Mochi (#mochithehedgehog)

Owner: David Albright | Freelance Video Producer |

Favorite activities: Sleeping, bath time, poking me with her quills, running in her wheel when nobody is looking.

Items she has destroyed: My Instagram feed... she has taken it over. Search for #mochithehedgehog.

Ways she brightens my work/life: When your hobby becomes your job, sometimes it doesn't feel like a hobby anymore, so I had been feeling like a needed a new hobby. Getting this grumpy little ball of spikes to like me has become my new hobby!

If she could speak, she would say: Leave me alone.

Mochi and David.

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