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Meet Freelance Singer and Fashion Expert Rita Lee!

Name: Rita Lee AKA Mamba AKA "Fiesta Chip"

Owner: Mel Larsen | Freelance Graphic Designer |

Favorite activities: Eating, cuddling, singing & charming strangers with her puppy dog eyes.

Items she has destroyed: She seems to have a discerning sense of fashion because she only destroys my best shoes. She can also destroy a full bowl of food in 5 seconds flat then immediately beg for more.

Ways she brightens my work/life: Whenever I come back into the "office" I am greeted with a lovely 'woo-woo!' My work day would be so dull without my Rita cuddle breaks.

If she could speak, she would say: "What's that? Did you hear that? I'm on the case!" runs away

Here's a great illustration of some doggies from Rita's owner Mel (who has a really great portfolio you can check out here.)

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