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Hey Sara: How do I get to the next level of freelance success? (Join our LIVE Q&A)

It’s the start of a new year -- a great time to take your freelance career to the next level. But where do you go from here? And if you’re struggling with hustling, stress, and isolation, how do you escape?

Sara Horowitz, the founder of Freelancers Union, is inviting you to join her here TODAY**, January 28 at 3PM EST**, to answer your questions about freelance success and how to get there.

Submit your questions below now so she can answer them this afternoon!

Sara has heard the stories of thousands of freelancers worldwide about what works (and what doesn’t) in building a successful freelance life. She’ll pass on that collective wisdom during the Q&A.

This week, we launched the Freelancers Pyramid of Self-Actualization, a guide for freelancers who want to leave hustling and stress behind and learn to connect, give back, and build a more fulfilled “360-degree” life. Check out the pyramid here. Sara may reference this guide.

Before Tuesday, submit your questions in widget below. Then join us today to get your questions answered live! If you can’t make it at 3PM, be sure to check back to see the chat afterwards. See you soon!