10 Reasons Sherlock Holmes is the "Best" Freelancer Ever

Jan 17, 2014

You never thought of Sherlock as a freelancer before, did you. But he is.

1. He understands the value of networking.

2. He always respects a client's ideas.

3. He understands the importance of blending in with his client’s ideals or brand.

4. He knows how to stay productive and keep prospecting for gigs during dry periods.

5. He never lets his work isolate him from people he cares about.

6. He never flirts with clients or coworkers.

7. He's never gets distracted or loses focus.

8. He understands that success isn't just about dollars, and cents, but about connecting meaningfully with work, family, and friends.

9. When a client asks for too many revisions, he knows how to keep it professional and simply refer to his contract.

10. And finally, he knows exactly what to do if a client doesn't pay.