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Pekoe the Parkour Prince

Don't be fooled by Pekoe's haughty good looks. This cuddle monster has destroyed nearly four years of data and will knock over everything you hold dear. But isn't it always the naughty ones that we love?

Name: Pekoe

Owner: Jane Rubinsky | |

Favorite activities: Wrestling with and chasing his brother, Billy; practicing his parkour moves against the front door; tipping over wastebaskets; pulling magnets off the fridge.

Items he has destroyed: My hard drive! I was on a deadline two years ago and left the apartment for a 10-minute ice cream break; when I came back, the laptop was upside down on the floor and the hard drive was toast! I hadn't backed up for four years ... but I do now! Also glass and antique pottery, a couple of lamps, and a blouse. He used to try to knock paintings off the wall, but thankfully he's outgrown that!

Ways he brightens my work/life: He comes up and taps me on the leg when he wants a hug. And he purrs and kneads my shoulder while I hug him. He's the naughtiest of my two cats, but that always gets me.

If he could speak, he would say: "Cats rule. And I rule among cats."

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