Meet Triscuit, the Wheel-Hustling Hamster

Dec 24, 2013

In the freelance life, sometimes we need a little inspiration to buckle down and get productive.

Who could be more inspiring that this industrious hamster -- who is in fact such a distinguised and preeminent representative of her species that she's a finalist on a hamster Instagram contest @thehappyhamsters? (No, we couldn't come up with anyone more inspiring, either.)

Name: Triscuit Hamburglar Agonis

Owner: Cat,,

Favorite activity: Nesting, wheel-running, batting her eyelashes while staring off into space.

Item they have destroyed: The buttons on the remote control.

Ways they brighten your work/life: She just won't quit! She's always on that wheel like a straight-hustler. It's inspiring.

If they could speak, they would say: "I'll never tell you where my stash is. Muahahahaha!"

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