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Share your freelance pet!

Have a pet that helps you get through your freelance life? Share your pet story today by emailing a photo and filling out the form below to, and we'll feature your freelance pal on this blog and in a photo gallery! Just as we are united through our common love of independence, may this allow our freelance partners-in-crime to be united in a bond of common, loveable insanity.

Name: Pedro Godzilla Rochford

Owner: Lauren Rochford,

Favorite activity: Chasing his tail, cuddling, roo roo-ing

Item they have destroyed: One time we came home to find he knocked over the garbage can and spread garbage all over the floor. He was standing in the middle of it proudly. We had to buy a pet-proof garbage can.

Ways they brighten your work/life: I never have to take walks alone! He's always ready to play.

If they could speak, they would say: "I am not little and cute! Respect me."