In case you haven’t heard us talk about it, we know freelancers are powering the sharing economy. But we want to know more.

Take this (short) survey (really, it’ll take 5 minutes) about your sharing habits, and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to Skillshare!

You may not even realize that you’re participating in the sharing economy. But whether you buy used instead of new, use Uber instead of a taxi, buy on Etsy, or share a co-working space, you are part of it. And the “providers” of those shared goods (the Uber driver or Etsy seller, for example) are self-employed freelancers making large portions of their income from sharing gigs.

For freelancers, sharing goods and services cuts personal costs and supports fellow independent workers. Win-win!

We look forward to hearing your experiences! And if you want to share more of your story with us (pun intended), please reach out to