8 Exercises to Help You Stay Awake During a Boring Phone Call

Nov 22, 2013

Ever been on a phone call with a talkative/boring/bad client where you were stuck and your mind was drifting -- even though you knew you really should stay focused and alert?

We're here to rescue you!

Just follow these simple stretches and exercises, and you're guaranteed to stay the Perfect, Perky Freelancer your client expects. Just look how happy our stretching model Peter looks...

1. The back twist

"The wall behind my desk is more interesting than this phone call."

To stretch your lower back, put your left arm over your right leg and twist your torso. Reverse by putting your left arm over your right leg and twist the other way. Hold for 10-15 seconds.

2. Calf raises

"Practicing my 'tip-toeing around your prickly personality' skills."

Raise heel by extending ankle as high as possible. Lower heel by bending ankle until calf is stretched. Repeat. Continue with opposite leg. Keep knees straight throughout exercise.

3. The leg hug

"At least hugging myself makes me feel better."

From a sitting position, raise your left knee while bringing your leg toward your chest. Wrap one hand or both around your knee or shin as you pull your knee up. Squeeze your knee tight into your chest for 10-20 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

4. Overarm stretch

Also known as the "oh no, the inanity of this conversation just blew me over" stretch.

Extend your left arm over head. Slowly bend to the right side as far as you can. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Come back to the center and switch sides.

5. The lazy tree pose

"I can't hear you, I am a totem pole"

Extend your spine tall and concentrate on a focal point that allows your neck to stay leveled. Engage your core muscles as you shift your weight to your left foot. As you inhale, raise your right foot and place the sole of your foot on your ankle, calf, mid thigh, or upper thigh with your toes pointing down. Keep your pelvis centered.

6. Standing forward bend

"I just need to put my head down for a minute."

Be sure to keep your back flat (avoid rounding) when folding forward, and bend your knees slightly. Start with a desk in front of you and engage your core. Bend forward at the hips with a flat back, and reach the crown of the head forward as you lengthen the tailbone back. Hold stretch for 10-20 seconds

7. Cross Punch

"If only this were an in-person meeting...."

Get the blood flowing with alternating cross punches. Rotate your hips and upper body as you pivot your right foot (about 90 degrees). Exhale as you extend your right fist straight out from your chin. Rotate your fist to land with your palm down.

8. Sitting pretzel

Also known as tortured fetal position.

Put your arm under your leg and twist sideways. Alternatively, curl up in a ball on the floor.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: You should always consult with your physician before beginning any type of exercise or physical activity.