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Illustrator Wins Freelancers Union Contest...and BTW is an Incredible Artist

Congratulations to Martha Iserman, who won our Upgrade Your Workspace contest after submitting the below photo of her workspace...inside of a fireplace.

She's won a $250 gift certificate to Etsy - yay!

A little bit about Martha: "I'm an illustrator working in a variety of styles for different projects. My background is in scientific illustration, and I've done work for a variety of researchers and institutions including the Field Museum and the Smithsonian. For the past couple of years I've expanded into other genres like industrial and technical illustration. You can see my portfolio at my website"

Guys, her drawings are SUPER AMAZING. She's available nationally for commissioned illustrations. She agreed to let me post a few of her illustrations below. All copyright Big Red Sharks, please do not steal!

Check out more of Martha's incredible work on her website and blog, and like her on Facebook.